Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cushioning, void fill and wrapping?
Products require different types of protection during shipment. Void Fill is simply filling the empty space in a box to prevent product from shifting during shipment. Visit the FillPak product page to learn more about our void fill product line. Cushioning is typically used for products that require more protection during shipment. PadPak cushioning pads come in a variety of paper weights, providing the ideal amount of cushioning for your products in transit. Wrapping provides ideal padding for fragile items or multiple products being packaged together (i.e. plates, glasses). Visit the WrapPak product page to learn more about our wrapping product line.
What is a converter?
Converters are what we call our machines because they convert fanfold or roll paper into a protective packaging product. FillPak machines form the paper into our signature PaperStar™ shape, used for void fill. PadPak machines form protective pads by a folding and stitching process that traps air in between the layers, creating a sustainable pad.
How do I know what paper to use?
We offer several different paper and pad options. Your Ranpak Sales Representative will assist you in determining the ideal Ranpak paper product for your packaging needs. Visit Find Your Local Representative to contact a Sales Representative in your area.
Do you sell your equipment?
No – however, we charge a small, nominal monthly user fee.
Is paper really better than plastic packaging material?
Our Engineers have put our paper options through numerous tests to ensure your product will be protected as well, if not better than other plastic materials. Paper has been used to protect products for hundreds of years because it works!
What types of products can paper protect during shipment?
Paper can protect almost any product. Visit the Industries Served page to view examples of products protected by paper. If you want to see how paper can protect your product, contact our Package Engineers about creating a custom pack design.
Do I have to use specific paper with your machines?
Yes — our machines are designed to use specific paper weights and widths. In order to achieve optimal performance and avoid potential operating issues, you must use paper products specifically designed by Ranpak for that machine.
How do I order more paper?
All paper orders should be placed through your distributor. If you do not know who your distributor is, you may contact Customer Service at 1-800-RANPAK7 and provide  your machine serial number.
Can your paper be recycled? How? Where?
Yes — all of our paper is 100% recyclable. Over 63% of the paper consumed in the United States was recovered for recycling in 2010. It can be recycled by placing it in your curbside recycling bins, or at any paper recycling drop-off.
Are all of your paper options made from recycled material?
We offer several different paper options including 100% recycled for appropriate applications. Most of our paper options contain a high amount of recycled material. The majority of non-recycled paper furnish is made from saw mill residuals. Only a small portion comes from harvested tree farm stock. Visit our Green page for more information on Ranpak's sustainability practices.
Where does your paper come from?
Our paper comes from a number of reputable mills which are all FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified. The mills are subject to a rigorous auditing process, and only those who align with Ranpak's sustainability efforts are selected. We offer 100% recycled, blends and 100% virgin paper options. Visit our Green page for more information on Ranpak's sustainability practices.
Are you harming the environment by cutting down trees?
There are actually more trees in the United States today than there were 70 years ago. Some of this is attributed to the prevalence of recycling  waste streams and specifically the ease of recycling paper. The amount of paper recycled each year has doubled just in the last 20 years. In addition, all of the mills that supply paper to Ranpak are SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and must abide by strict government regulations. Visit our Green page for more information on Ranpak's sustainability practices.
How do I become a distributor?
If you are interested in distributing Ranpak's products, please visit the Find Your Local Representative page to speak with a Ranpak Representative about the approval process.
Can I buy your products online?
We do not sell our products online; however our paper products can be purchased by contacting your local distributor if you are a current customer, or by contacting Customer Service if you are a distributor.
Do you sell boxes or any other packing supplies?
We do not sell boxes or other packing supplies, however those items are available through most of our distributors.
Are all of your machines blue?
Yes — since the creation of the original PadPak machine in 1979, all of our machines have been "Ranpak blue." Want to add some color to your warehouse? Contact Your Local Representative.
What are the electrical requirements of your machines?
All of our converters operate on 110V in North America.