PadPak® CC

Compact Size, Versatile Operation

The PadPak Campact Cushioning (CC) converter is the solution to pack and protect smaller items at the packers workstation. Due to the small footprint of the converter, the system can be placed on the workstation or on a floor stand next to it. With 1-Ply and 2-Ply options, both light and heavy products can be packed with excellent protective performance.


Width 20"
Height 21.5"
Depth 32"
Weight 110 lbs.
Power 100/115 VAC
Cut Method Automatic

Description  Length   Paper Width  Bundles per Skid  Weight per Bundle  Weight per Skid 
 40 lb. Bundle   1,325'  15"  65  22 lbs.  1,485 lbs. 
 45 lb. Bundle   1,200'  15"  65  23 lbs.  1,550 lbs. 

Packaging Examples

Ranpak's Packaging Engineers are experts in the design, analysis and testing of in-the-box packaging. Send your packaging challenge to Ranpak and one of our Packaging Engineers will design a customized packaging solution that will ensure your product is delivered to your customer damage-free.

Each package design report provides you with our recommended packaging solution and includes a thorough cost analysis and comparative test results. The report clearly shows how you can save on material costs while realizing damage reductions. Ranpak's Packaging Engineers and Sales Representatives can visit your facility to train your packers on how to use our products as well as perform an on-site cost analysis.

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