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  • PadPak CC PadPak CC
    The compact solution to pack and protect smaller items. Can be placed on the workstation or on a floor stand. 1-Ply and 2-Ply options provide excellent protective performance to light and heavy objects.
  • PadPak Paper LC Package Cushioning PadPak LC
    Converts 45- or 55-lb. fanfold kraft paper into an effective light cushioning pad for fast, efficient cushioning or blocking and bracing packaging applications.
  • PadPak JR Paper Cushioning System PadPak JR
    A compact machine, capable of providing high performance to small volume packing departments. This mobile paper converter can be used in the widest variety of applications where flexibility is desired.
  • PadPak AJR PadPak AJR
    This mobile automated solution converts 2 layer paper into exceptional cushioning pads which can be used to protect products of all shapes and sizes during shipment. The converter is easy to install and move around.
  • PadPak SR PadPak SR
    An extremely versatile 2- or 3-ply paper packaging system that can accommodate all in-the-box packaging needs and applications from cushioning to wrapping, and blocking and bracing.
  • Pad-n-Pak Workstation Pad-N-Pak Workstation
    A complete packing station that includes a standard PadPak Senior fitted with a curved chute to facilitate use with the workstation.
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