Advances in Packaging Technology: The Ranpak AccuFill

April 29, 2016 09:47

Recently our valued distributor partner, 3G Packaging, posted a blog entry detailing the advances in packaging technology including automated systems. This is what 3G had to say about the Ranpak AccuFill:

"Many advances have been made in packaging technology over the past few decades. This blog series takes a deeper look into the technological advances in three main packaging processes: void fill, carton sealing and pallet wrapping.

A Closer Look at the Void Fill Process and New Technology

When you have empty space in the carton, this space must be filled with protective packaging material (void fill) to prevent boxes from crushing (stacking strength), eliminate product migration (sliding around in the carton), and protect the product itself from damage. Void fill is typically performed by a person who stuffs empty spaces within carton with various materials. Void fill materials such as air pillows, loosefill, bubble wrap, newsprint, kraft paper, and foam are commonly used. The packer needs to determine the amount of material that needs to be placed in the empty space in order to protect the items for shipment. This process is typically a bottleneck within the packaging operations since it is very labour intensive.

Ranpak Corp. reviewed and analyzed this costly packaging process and devised a new packaging technology called AccuFill. AccuFill is a scanning void fill measurement system, which increases productivity, reduces packaging costs and controls the void fill process by taking away the guesswork on the amount of paper void fill material to be used to properly protect items during shipment.

As boxes come down the line, the AccuFill sensors scan the box to determine its size, measure the volume of the objects inside the box and compute the amount of paper needed to fill the void. It then signals the FillPak® converter to dispense the exact amount of paper needed — no guesswork required. One of six standard analysis reports will compute the paper usage of the AccuFill system by collecting data from each box ran through the system."

To read the entire article, please visit 3G Packaging's blog here.
Thank you 3G for the write up. To learn more about Ranpak's automated packaging solutions, please contact your local Ranpak Territory Manager.
Please visit to watch a video on Ranpak's Fully Automated System.


Ranpak in the news! Why Ranpak is the perfect solution for e-Commerce...

October 01, 2015 12:35

Ranpak in-the-box paper packaging solutions are perfect for the Unboxing Generation. What is the Unboxing Generation? Worldwide, more and more people are spending time waiting for the post or a delivery van, with e-commerce sales up 20 percent in 2014 to almost $840 billion, according to the Global Retail E-Commerce Index – and that’s a lot of big brown boxes. This generation thrives by shopping online. More and more traditional retailers are expanding their efforts to e-Commerce causing all of these boxes to need protection for the millions of products being shipped per year. Ranpak offers the perfect in-the-box protection that not only offers a perfect unboxing experience, but complete protection from shipment to delivery resulting in nothing but happy customers.

For the full article or to learn more, visit


What is DIM Weight and How Does It Affect Me?

September 03, 2015 17:00


Beginning on January 1, 2015, major carriers such as UPS, FedEx and DHL have implemented a new dimensional shipment pricing policy for all packages shipped under 3 cubic feet in dimension. Dimensional weight (DIM) pricing has been in effect for air and ground service shipments over 3 cubic feet but now applies to all shipments. Rather than the previous policy where shipping charges were dependent upon weight, the new policy calculates charges based on volume of the box.




Come and visit Ranpak at our upcoming tradeshows!

April 09, 2015 09:10

Ranpak Corp will be busy during June this year! We will be exhibiting our outstanding e-commerce solutions at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) on June 2-5, 2015 at McCormick Place in Chicago. We are excited to offer a 10% registration discount for all of our customers that register before May 30th! Stop by and visit us at booth 1547!



Ranpak will also be exhibiting for the second year at PMMI Pack Expo Mexico on June 16-19, 2015 in Mexico City. Stop by and visit us at Booth 6020 as we showcase our e-Commerce and Automotive solutions!




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Why You Should Trust Ranpak With Your $3,000 Tools

August 08, 2014 16:06

Our friends over at Packaging Inc. ran into a conundrum... They repair very expensive tools and need to select the best packaging to ship them back to their anxious owners. That's when they turn to Ranpak.

"We trust Ranpak with protecting these expensive tools because it’s simply the best for the applications. Cost effective yet innovative, this paper packaging product is perfect at protecting, blocking and bracing, and void fill."



To read more about this packaging predicament and how Ranpak can protect even the most expensive items, visit Packaging Inc. and read their full blog post.



Ranpak Corp. Acquires Fellow Protective Paper Packaging Manufacturer, Geami

May 21, 2014 11:39

Ranpak Corp., a leading global manufacturer of "in-the-box" protective paper packaging materials and systems, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Geami Ltd., headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Geami is a manufacturer of sustainable protective paper packaging materials and solutions, including it’s flagship product, GreenWrap. This expandable die-cut kraft paper with interleaf tissue is a packaging solution trusted by companies worldwide and is a paper alternative to packaging materials such as bubble, packing peanuts, foam and air pillows.

“Geami has a tremendous team of employees and products that we are excited to welcome into the Ranpak family,” said Stephen Kovach, President and CEO of Ranpak. “Their wrapping products provide efficient and effective packaging solutions to companies in the housewares, home décor and industrial markets. Geami’s products will fit extremely well within Ranpak’s portfolio of innovative paper packaging systems. We are confident that the combination of Ranpak’s expertise and worldwide distribution network along with Geami’s products will further accelerate Ranpak’s growth in America, Europe and Asia. Geami will continue to operate as a separate entity during a transition period which we expect to complete by the end of this year.”

“With this acquisition, Geami and Ranpak’s client base will be better served as they now have a broader range of paper based packaging solutions for their needs,” said Braulio Libero, President and CEO of Geami. “With Ranpak’s infrastructure, our products will have greater exposure to new markets both in the US and abroad,” said Marcelo Passos, Vice President of Geami and now a member of Ranpak’s senior management team.

About Ranpak
Founded in 1972, Ranpak's goal was to create the first environmentally responsible packaging material to effectively cushion and protect products during shipment. With a 40 year history of innovation, Ranpak is the leader in the paper packaging industry and has grown into an international company with 400 employees worldwide. Ranpak is owned by Odyssey Investment Partners, a private equity investment firm based in New York specializing in the middle-market.

The Company's patented PadPak, FillPak and WrapPak converters utilize multi-ply roll or single-ply fanfold kraft paper to create on-demand packaging material. The Company serves a wide array of industries, including industrial, automotive, medical, consumer products and technology in North America, Europe and Asia. Ranpak is headquartered in Concord Township, Ohio and has facilities in Reno, Nevada; Kansas City, MO; Heerlen, The Netherlands; and Nyrany, Czech Republic.

Contact inquiries(at)ranpak(dot)com

Make Earth Day Every Day by using these 5 simple tips in your home and office

April 22, 2014 13:38

1.       Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce your use of disposable items and buy permanent items instead. When ordering these items online, reuse cardboard boxes and recycle packaging materials. Ranpak paper already contains at least 40% recycled content, keep the cycle going by putting our paper into the recycling or reuse for excellent void fill and cushioning for your own shipping needs!


2.       Conserve Water

Don’t let the water run while shaving or brushing your teeth and take showers instead of baths. You can save more than 200 gallons of water a week just by turning the water off while brushing your teeth!


3.       E-Cycle Computers and Electronics

Find your local recycling center for used electronics. Apple recycles all of their products for free and may even give you a gift card if your device has resale value!


4.       Buy Environmentally Friendly Products

Do your research and buy items that are Green. Make sure their manufacturing and source materials are environmentally responsible. At Ranpak, we use SFI and FSC certified source materials making sure our paper comes from sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives.


5.       Save Energy

Purchase Energy Star appliances for your home. Not only will switching to energy efficient products save you about 30% per year, you will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

This Earth Day remember that everyone can make a difference to better the environment. By making one step in the right direction, we can make the world a cleaner place to live for years to come!


Busting the Myth About Paper Packaging and UPS & FedEx Packaging Guidelines

June 08, 2012 11:14

Myth: FedEx and UPS won’t insure your package if it’s packed with paper.

Truth: False! Both FedEx and UPS point to paper as an acceptable means of protective packaging. Each company provides guidelines and recommendations regarding how to pack on their respective websites.

The truth of the matter is that Ranpak’s protective packaging can safely protect almost any product during shipment. Our patented paper packaging technology is used across a wade array of industries and products from cookies to computer monitors, and even a 250-lb window. In fact, companies often see reduced damage rates after switching to Ranpak products from other applications such as air bags, bubble and foam.

Ranpak Package Engineers can develop a custom package design specific to your product at no cost to you. Our Package Engineers work in our International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certified laboratory. The lab features a drop tester and a vibration table, as well as other sophisticated equipment designed to ensure that the packaging design being tested meets your needs and carrier requirements.

Interested in finding out how we can protect your product during transit? Contact us!


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ISTA Certification – What is it?

May 04, 2012 08:44

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is a non-profit organization that helps its members identify the best possible shipping solutions by developing effective packaging, methods and logistics systems. ISTA has created the leading industry test standards worldwide and is now the most reputable authority in package-performance testing. The certification process is proof that your company’s packaging solutions are sustainable enough to survive the transit process. Presence of the ISTA Transit Tested certification mark is an advantage because it shows customers that the package has passed ISTA laboratory testing and met all requirements. Any company may test a package using an ISTA test procedure, but only ISTA members receive certification and are allowed to print the ISTA Transit Tested certification mark on their packages.

ISTA has two types of tests:

  •  Performance Tests: To determine the capability of a packaged product to survive shipment, it must pass this assessment test
  • Development Tests: Compares the performance of designs from different suppliers.

ISTA also focuses on the professionals in the workplace who are responsible for creating these sustainable shipping solutions. The ISTA Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP) program was designed for ISTA members to increase credibility of certification. This program recognizes the excellence in packaging laboratory professionals at three levels: Technician, Technologist and Professional. Technician and Technologists require exams, while Professionals require certification based on a resume of accomplishments.

Ranpak's ISTA Certified Lab

At Ranpak, we believe in providing packaging solutions that ensure your product arrives at its destination safely. Our package engineers take pride in utilizing our ISTA certified laboratory to ensure our package designs will perform well in your unique distribution environment.  Equipment such as a drop tester and a vibration table allow our package engineers to run performance tests on packages to ensure durability.  With proven expertise in packaging, we are one of only 369 ISTA certified laboratories in the world.

For more information, visit the Package Engineering page on our website.


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6 Tips to Safe and Cost-Effective Packaging

March 30, 2012 10:07
    1. Use a corrugated box—preferably a new one. When you reuse a box, it becomes less durable.

    2. Do not overfill a box. Overfilling will direct pressure to the walls of the box which could result in damage to both the box and your product. Many packers smash down paper or loose fill to close the box or fit more material inside. However, this compresses the material, making it less effective in protecting your products. More importantly, using excess packaging material means spending unnecessary money.

    3. Do not underfill a box. Underfilling a box could result in possible damage to your product. Make sure the product you are shipping is secure. If it feels loose in the box, either add more packaging material or double check to ensure that you have correctly wrapped the product.

    4. The 2-inch rule: In most cases, use at least 2 inches of packaging material around the product and be sure that the product is at least 2 inches from the walls of the box. This will help prevent both underfilling and overfilling, saving you time and money.

    5. Properly close the box. This step is just as important as using proper cushioning. Try to stay away from tapes such as: masking, cellophane and duct. Use strong tape such as pressure sensitive plastic tape. Two inches or more in width is recommended.
    6. Effective packaging for your products. Different products require different methods of packaging. If you aren’t sure of the most effective way to package your products, Ranpak’s package engineers can help. We offer a custom pack design to any company who seeks our help—all at no cost to you.




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