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Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally friendly packaging

Ranpak's goal was to create the first environmentally responsible packaging material to effectively cushion and protect products during shipment. Today, Ranpak's all natural packaging solutions are 100 percent renewable, reusable and recyclable.

The majority of our paper is made from either 100% recycled materials or has a high recycled content. The small percentage of virgin paper we do carry is derived mostly from sawmill residuals.

Environmentally friendly packagingRanpak only works with Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills to ensure our paper comes from a responsible source and that sustainable forestry practices are taking place.

Thanks to this sustainable forestry management, forests in the United States are growing every year. The forest products industry plants more than 1.7 million trees per day, growing more than is harvested each year. According to the Society of American Foresters, there are more trees now in the United States than there were in the 1920s.

Easy to Recycle

Environmentally friendly packaging products

Paper is one of the easiest and most common materials to recycle. In 2010, 63.5% of the paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling, compared to only 33.5% in 1990. Curbside recycling, community recycling stations and workplace recycle bins have made it easier than ever for consumers to recycle paper products of all kinds.

Our Sustainability Practices

At Ranpak, we not only believe in creating environmentally friendly products but engaging in sustainable energy practices every day, including:

  • Recycling scrap metal
  • Using fuel efficient vehicles for transporting our products
  • Offering free package designs to all of our customers in order to maximize paper usage
  • Designing our machines so that they practically eliminate waste

Download our Sustainability Brochure (Adobe PDF)